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Sounds great to me. A nice feeling.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Thanks ^_^

I enjoy this a lot. It conveys a feeling of distance and nostalgia.

Bertn1991 responds:

I like the way you described it. Thanks for listening <3

Hey, this is neat. Loved the second half the most

Akaruhime responds:

lol thanx man

I might use this for a battle animation on Pico Day 2014...

It's awesome dude : )

FretlessFinesse responds:

Excellent! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Digging it, gonna check you in bandcamp.
Maybe the vocals, though they wasn't bad, i felt that they can be better.

Downloading it : )

HandsomeJake responds:

Thanks for your input! We'll be putting more time an effort into the rerecording when we release a 5 song EP this summer (fingers crossed)

Wow, nice.
I think the one i love more of the flcl OST is the complete version of "Last dinosaur"

newguy808 responds:

sorry it took me 3 years but i finally got around to doing Last Dinosaur.

woah, lyrics and music totally catched me.

I could never finish it because I'm lazy but, I'm planing an animation and searched for a song like this.
In tthe case I decide to make it, can i use this track?

amazing job ;) 5/5

SpinWires responds:

Great to hear you dig it. Absolutely feel free to use the song for any creative work you make!

what program do you use master?

hopeku responds:

Cubase :)

Add me on skype if you want to chat! look for dj-hopeku or djhopeku can't remember

dood, loved this, can i use it for a movie?

Clastodon responds:

It's on Newgrounds, so I guess that means you can if you want to, but I'd rather you didn't.

it goes extremely slow and repetitive at some part, but it really entertained me.

great audio!

AliceMako responds:

Glad you like.

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