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Noisy's News

Posted by Noisy - July 14th, 2014

I mean, i know that the movie portal was always full of crap but this is ridiculous.


Anyway, I'm working on something right now, Neoplasia 2 and a musical video from a Fidlar song...

I'm not in a super good mood but i'm recovering from depression and things seem to get better with time.

In the time I was gone i made a lot of drawings, meet one of the better persons i know (that now it's my girlfriend)

and cried a lot. But as i said, things seem to get better...

I promise i will animate something before 2015.


How are you guys doing? 


Remember that you can read my not perfectly translated comic HERE!!!!111one

Posted by Noisy - March 24th, 2014

Hi dudes, i have requested an username change so here you have (i was SoundarK btw).

So thanks to WadeFulp for that : ).

I'm working on the 2nd part of Neoplasia.

I know that the first one isn't a big deal, plus it's on spanish so I don't know how many here would like it.

But the one I'm working now is gonna be thousand times better, I REALLY want to get better animations, and make things than, even when they're in other language, Newgrounders can enjoy, I'm sure I can somehow...

 Here's a part of an animatic


Third announcement!

I'm thinking of making an animation for the Pico Day 2014, It's about the character i have on my avatar having a battle with Pico with guns, and explosions and that shit...


Well, I'm full of work but I'll think of it...



That's all by now, How are you guys doing?

Posted by Noisy - March 1st, 2014

Well, i finished this proyect a little time ago but I felt like someone would like it here on NG...

And i haven't uploaded nothing in a good time (The proyect of the music video featuring spinwire is...not DEAD but I'm not working on it because i get bored and out of ideas), so i bring this to you, Neoplasia, or Neoplasm, I don't know if "plasia" is okay in english.

It's in spanish by the way, that's why i just uploaded it in my youtube channel at first...


This episode is a bit simple, but the whole series got a backstory, full of cool things at all...But im lazy so i don't know how many episodes I will animate.


That's all by now fellows, how ya going?




Posted by Noisy - December 18th, 2013

Hey buds, wazzup?

It's a long time since i animate something (with exception of this crap)

But i have came back to the bussiness and I'm animating a musical video of almost 3 minutes.


I have expectations for this but...it's a very large project

I really have the hope that if i finish it it would reach the top 5 of the day. But I want to do it for passion, not for the Trophie, So this may took MORE time.


Ehmmm, i think that's all by now, and also, this project is about the ol' Dirtown

so you can watch that first video there and you can read the comic HERE.


Bye -3- 

Posted by Noisy - November 29th, 2013

Read the comic HERE!

PS: If the translation isn't 100% accurate...is because I'm a bit bastard.

PS2: Also you can try the Alpha of my game HEEEEREEE!!!1one

#Note 30 - English Dirtown

Posted by Noisy - October 27th, 2013

Well i didn't finished the game for halloween.
And i won't.

But you can follow it in it's page on Gamejolt here

Well, i think that's all.

Oh also i made this just because i was bored http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/627387

Bye i guess

Posted by Noisy - September 23rd, 2013

Though im not animating until december , im planing to release a game for halloween, it's about killin' undead and shit like that. Here you have a rough logo i made...

i hope i can finish it for october 31.

by the way, the comunity here seems to be getting a little bit dickhead lately xD

Note #28 - Halloween rogue

Posted by Noisy - September 9th, 2013

By the way, i'm don't entering here lately...

I'm working on a game and my comics, sorry :I i think i'll make an animation and release my game on a few months

It's a goodbye per now : ) but i'll come back.


Note #27 - In stand by

Posted by Noisy - August 26th, 2013

I have been trying it the last two days, and it's amazing for me. Maybe because its almost the first time i "make music"

Whatever, you can check my results down here, the first two are really crappy but i think the third is much better!

HERE you have it : )


(oh, and i'm making a new music video too...stay tuned!)

Posted by Noisy - August 18th, 2013

Top 50 again motherfuckers ಠ益ಠ

I love NG

By the way, you can visit the Dirtown comic by clicking here (only 5 pages at the moment, i have to translate the others :I )

I was bored and posted this.
Don't judge me.

Note #25 - I did it again!