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Noisy's News

Posted by Noisy - August 12th, 2013

Hi fellas! as i said, you can read the all new English version of the comic by clicking here.

I have only released 5 of the pages, but i will update later : )

(The first ones have a little bit ugly drawings, but wait, them upgrades with time xD, editing & coloring also)

See ya!

Note #24 - Dirtown comic in English version

Posted by Noisy - August 6th, 2013


I feel that my last works don't catched anybody at all, but, mostly of the time people just like to see wonderful scenes full of violence and fbf work.

I can't disagree with the fbf but why it always have to be battles and stuff? xD

well, whatever, i'll try to make something different to all i have made before.

Posted by Noisy - July 28th, 2013

Hey fellas! here i am again, to present my mos recent movie.
It isn't a big deal but i have worked on it a time...also THE FUCKING VCAM IS SHIT

it fails in the worst moment it could, i spended the last 2:30 hours trying to fix it, i even posted for help in the forums. Sorry for that.

But it seems to work now, and hey, i joined the revenue system, only for trying i guess...

Okey, i think this is all by now and, have a nice day!


See ya!

Posted by Noisy - July 21st, 2013

It's a rapid blog, do you agree with the idea of joining the revenue sharing system?

i was thinking of it and it can help me to get money for a better pc :/
i don't know, what are your experiences?

Posted by Noisy - July 18th, 2013

Oh hello,my little friends!

I'm here for updating and yeah, after i fixed my computer i have worked a little bit more on my project (i only worked today, but i animated for 3 hours and 30 seconds of animation )
The animation itself may take time and i don't know where to stop it but, who cares anyway...

i don't feel so good today

Note #20 -Im bored and i want to upload a screenshot

Posted by Noisy - July 14th, 2013

im here just for sayin' that my pc is right now , with all my data :3, you can say thanks to NickG13 for that ;)

Seriously PM him and say thanks. You bastard.

All right, so...i was working on an animation, i think since tomorrow i'll continue with that...
Also i ahve to work in the english version of my comic, wich i want to announce with the release of that animation.
(it's called "Days on Dust" by the way...)

Oh, and i have noticed that the great Tom Fulp is a fan of mine now!
I knewed that my balls in a post card were a nice detail :D

just kidding, hi Tom :3

Okay, i think this is everything for now, See ya later and remember to comment, how was your day?

(Post data: My animation "jill's rose" is on the 31 number in the NG top 50...with...eh...1200 views? ok, i don't think that it deserves it but, its a nice detail, im happy for that ^^)

Note #19 - I love you all <3

Posted by Noisy - July 11th, 2013

Guess what? my pc have broken :D
and i was working in something really nice :3
I hate everybody right now....i hope the HD is fine... or else i will cut off my balls and send them to tom fulp.

Nah i love him <3

Why do this things happen? i mean, i don't deserve this :I

Whatever, how ya' doin?

Posted by Noisy - July 7th, 2013

That's it, im tired of animating.

I've been having a little changes in my life and...a few things have happened this month.

The thing is that i may be ont uploading nothing by a time, i'm a little complicated right now but i know that in the future i'll raise better.

Thanks if someone reads.

(oh, and also my comic stills updating, if you know spanish you can read it here. with a pending english version...)

Posted by Noisy - June 26th, 2013

Hi everyone.

I have been working on dirtown 2 and stuff and i realized than the story isn't perfect yet and i need to build up some details and things like that.
So i started working on the webcomic of dirtown, starting for a point 10 years before the animation of chapter 1

I have made this blog for announcing why i'll be not uploading much content in a few weeks.
Also i started animating for the Robot day 2013 but i think it's a very bad work until now xD, i don't know if i'll finish it...

However, the comic don't have an english version YET, but you can see the spanish one by clicking Here
i'll update when i release the english version...

Bye Bye!

Note #16- "Dirtown" - The comic

Posted by Noisy - June 18th, 2013

Hi everybody, After releasing The boy in a corner
i realized i have to practice a few things a lot more.
Also i have done the same thing i always do when im without inspiration, going to http://vinnieveritas.com/

FUCKING vinnie, i can't explain how much i respect him.

Okey, the point is i have started to work in "Dirtown - Chapter 2" and i think its gonna BLOW YOUR BALLS

I mean MIND, yeah mind... (it's not that hardcore actually but i think it's gonna be awesome in the future :) )

Well, i think i'm finished here, Oh! and remember to visit my site Here!
there you can see a part of my drawings and maybe i'll star a great comic later...

Stay tuned! Bye!