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It was okay. I liked the animation and idea. Where did you get the audio?

I'm from argentina too hahaha, good luck inserting your animations here.

AlexGrimAnimations responds:

thanks and a friend help me with a song

The best I watched in a long time. Emotive, full of action and animated by masters!

Meh, I didn't saw the movie... You may not pretend anyone has.
The plot was something like cruel. Sometimes this is funny because of the context or the way of telling the story but here I just see the dude mocking the blind one just because he's blind.

Anyway, it's not that bad, the poor animation fits the story, but i'm not sure why I put 3 stars.

tonyfamous responds:

Yes, in the movie Augustus was the nicest person ever. Probably only someone like maybe Jesus would have a little up on him. There was a scene where Augustus ans Isaac threw eggs at a house because a girl was mean to Isaac because he was going blind, but Augustus arranged that to make Isaac feel better. I just switched things up. I wouldn't recommend watching the movie to get the jokes I made because I thought the movie was horribly and sickingly sweet to the point where it was unrealistic, but who knows, you might like it. My wife actually cried when she saw the movie.

David I love your work.
This makes me sad about my medication though. I think it's all im my mind.

A very deep message within humor and your fantastic music.

Well done!

The truck part made me laugh hard, take your 5 stars e_e

kalabor106 responds:

Tanks a bunch!

Not even accurate. The lowest scrore is 0, not 1.
The audio isn't good and this have no animation.

This deserves more than 4th place. It's brilliant!

This reminds me of my favourite animator and inspiration. Music is great and so the animation.
I'm going to read the comic : )

IrregularCharlie responds:

weet, thank ye kindly my sparrow of fortune.

A great idea and execution.

Love to see things like this.

I think you wasted time and frames, but the animation is amazing regardless the fact it's rotoscoped.

Four stars by the animation.

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