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The graphic style wasn't bad, though the most of animation was tweening.
The story don't have a lot of content but that's not bad really, the bad thing is that it's extremely slow.

3 stars seems fair.

I saw some of your animations and really laughed, touched the fan button.

The graphics fits perfectly and they doesn't seem like the usual, so i like them, the serious voice action makes it funnier so i love that too xD

I spent all my life until now being unnaccepted just because being me. Not being bad, just being different. And i can see that here, the loneliness and sitting for hours just thinking why the rest of people can't see the good inside you, then you try to change your clothes, change your companions. But in the inside you're always there, and everyone can see that somehow.

Anyway, it's a lovely piece : ) .

Actually I did noticed but I made efforts for don't thinking of it xDDD

Good work.

This deserves more the daily first :/

Good work and comedy. (Don't like too much the racist jokes though, but i understand.)

Mosamabindrawin responds:

Thanks for understanding!

The only think i don't liked is the fact that the song it's made with hatsune miku.
It's nice though, and fit with the animation, i admit.

At the first time it remembered me of "The boy in a corner", an animation i made months ago, you can watch it on my profile...

I really liked the art, maybe needs a bit of animation though.

good work

exactly my same thought about the first sonic....

i love it though

that...scared me...
dude when i finished it i understanded why is this in the frontpage

It may be because i love classic orchestal music but this is good :3
maybe a better punchline is required

aaww, how beautiful. :)

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