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Pico day is coming

2017-04-25 16:19:03 by Noisy

I wanted to practice digital painting and I'm doing absolutely nothing with my life atm, so his year I'll submit something for Pico Day. Stay tuned, it will BLOW-YOUR-MIND.



DISCLAIMER: Noisy's drawing isn't ensured to actually blow your mind.

#Note 40 - Well, that was late.

2015-09-11 15:19:21 by Noisy

10 months ago I finished Neoplasia 2. And some days ago I finished the first part of episode 3.


But it wasn't until yesterday that I decided to make a translation for newgrounds of episode 2, with the help of my friend NickG, and we took all night for doing it and playing some board games.


So, if you want to take a look over it, you can watch it here:



#Note 39 - A patreon?

2015-07-02 11:36:18 by Noisy

Well, though my work isn't the best of all, I think I have potential, so I created this Patreon if someone wants to help me out.

It woulb be nice if you like my creations and want to help : P , as the profile says, I'm always creating something!



#Note 38 - Hard working!

2015-04-23 12:01:42 by Noisy

Hi newgrounders.


Im trying to release my new animation before May, but it's too much work hahahah i might not make it.

Plus, I'm making more excersise and im in the last year of high school yet! So the time i have to wirk with animation is limited...

But, here's a little preview!


How are you doing?

#Note 37 - I might be back...

2015-04-15 12:53:18 by Noisy

Hey! how ya doing?


Lately i have been working on comics, music and shit, but it's long since i made an animation, so i might be working on one soon, based only in my imagination. I don't want to do anything too scripted...


So hey, Hi :D

#Note 36. This was so sweet

2014-11-05 09:03:38 by Noisy

When I made this a year or more ago, I was certainly depressed and I didn't realised that this animation I made was nice actually (at the time I thought it was crap)



Go watch it if you want : 3 It was nice remembering this.


Hi NG, I'm here announcing that now i'm selling some of my drawings via Fiverr.


you can order yours HERE.


And also I want to animate something since the past days so i might work on something before the year ends...


that's all, thank you!

#Note 34 - Why? WHY!?

2014-07-14 10:58:06 by Noisy

I mean, i know that the movie portal was always full of crap but this is ridiculous.


Anyway, I'm working on something right now, Neoplasia 2 and a musical video from a Fidlar song...

I'm not in a super good mood but i'm recovering from depression and things seem to get better with time.

In the time I was gone i made a lot of drawings, meet one of the better persons i know (that now it's my girlfriend)

and cried a lot. But as i said, things seem to get better...

I promise i will animate something before 2015.


How are you guys doing? 


Remember that you can read my not perfectly translated comic HERE!!!!111one

Hi dudes, i have requested an username change so here you have (i was SoundarK btw).

So thanks to WadeFulp for that : ).

I'm working on the 2nd part of Neoplasia.

I know that the first one isn't a big deal, plus it's on spanish so I don't know how many here would like it.

But the one I'm working now is gonna be thousand times better, I REALLY want to get better animations, and make things than, even when they're in other language, Newgrounders can enjoy, I'm sure I can somehow...

 Here's a part of an animatic


Third announcement!

I'm thinking of making an animation for the Pico Day 2014, It's about the character i have on my avatar having a battle with Pico with guns, and explosions and that shit...


Well, I'm full of work but I'll think of it...



That's all by now, How are you guys doing?

#Note 32 - Radioactive shit

2014-03-01 18:50:55 by Noisy

Well, i finished this proyect a little time ago but I felt like someone would like it here on NG...

And i haven't uploaded nothing in a good time (The proyect of the music video featuring spinwire is...not DEAD but I'm not working on it because i get bored and out of ideas), so i bring this to you, Neoplasia, or Neoplasm, I don't know if "plasia" is okay in english.

It's in spanish by the way, that's why i just uploaded it in my youtube channel at first...


This episode is a bit simple, but the whole series got a backstory, full of cool things at all...But im lazy so i don't know how many episodes I will animate.


That's all by now fellows, how ya going?